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Modern technology gives us capacity to make synthetic products that are vastly superior when compared with natural products. For many years stone has been one of the principal building materials but now there is availability of beautiful, reliable, long lasting and creative options. Manufactured synthetic stone has emerged as an alternative to real stones. This is a fact that natural stone has magnificent appeal and can last for several centuries but they are very costly. In modern stylish homes, there is demand for polymer columns. With the help of advanced manufacturing techniques, it is now possible to manufacture such synthetic products that resemble natural stones but are available at a fraction of cost.

Every property owner is eager to add style, comfort and aesthetic beauty in the ambience. By polishing the view of the property, it is also possible to add a serious appeal at a very affordable price. It is important to note that price also plays an instrumental role in selection of choices. Polymer columns provide the luxury of a stone at a fraction of cost. However, they offer additional benefits as well. As polymers offer the same strength albeit at a less cost, many homeowners prefer installing the same. Today it has become a serious choice of many homeowners and contractors. The polymer columnsappear very real and the gorgeous appeal makes them an ideal choice.

If you want an idea about the latest options, the newest fashion, just take a walk around modern buildings. You can find the presence of tapered columns with stone. It is possible to add gorgeous appeal to the building.Let us see more reasons for which polymer columnshave attained popularity.

1. These columns are highly durable. Any extensive maintenance is not required. Real stones are beautiful but with passage of time they come out in the form of chips. Polymer columnshave considerable life. These columns can stand for several decades. When the service of life synthetic options is sufficient, there is no strong reason to opt for natural real stones for making columns.

2. Every property owner wants the element of beauty in the surrounding. Manufactured stones are of class A fire rating.  It is also seen that many property owners prefer installing high standard American made columns that are available in many styles and dimensions. Reputed manufacturers ensure that the element of creativity is present in the columns. Moreover, these columns are also load bearing. If required, you can also trim the columns to shorter heights with ease. However, such flexibilities are not available in the original stone columns.

3. The tapered columns with stoneare lightweight. Natural stones are very heavy. Despite being very lightweight, tapered columns are very strong and they can easily bear the load of thousands of pounds. The columns are so stylish that they resemble the real stone columns. The finished texture and appeal of the columns create a very compelling effect. If the columns are split, it is possible to reassemble them but this is very tough with stone columns.

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