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Menus are often subject to heavy and frequent manipulation, and are often exposed to food and drink. To be durable, you need to invest in high-quality materials that can withstand these factors.

Plastic menus are the perfect solution to this situation. Synthetic materials are not only waterproof, but also tear-proof. Plus, they have some more advantages of a paper menu. Let’s get to know all the benefits that a plastic menu has over paper menu.  


Paper menus are easy to tear. And one thing you might be certain that if it can be torn it will be. Menus are heavily handled objects and paper menus do not really serve the purpose of being long-lasting. Unfortunately, if your menus are made of paper, they will not pass the tear test. Plain paper, even a large quantity of paper, will not withstand abuse. Even if they are placed on the cover of a menu or in a brochure, the paper will wear out over time and form tears leaving you to print more menus.

On the other hand, plastic menus are tear-proof. Being a heavily-handled object, plastic menus are a great choice because they effortlessly survive any type of tear-test. They are not easy to bend, break, wear, or tear away with use. You would really need someone to try a knife to cut it.

So, plastic menus are great when customers are handling them all the time in your restaurant or diner. Accidents may happen any time and we are not suggesting that your customers are purposefully cutting your menus. But with a plastic menu, you can always be sure that your menus will be long-lasting and you do not need to print it once in a while.


The waterproof plastic menu is made of synthetic paper. Even if you really try, the plastic won’t break. The waterproof plastic material also means these menus can tolerate spills and grease. You can clean the plastic with water or clean it with a mild detergent. This is also a great feature because it allows you to sanitize the menu. The ability to clean the media eliminates the need to reprint. Unlike the paper menu, if your plastic menu gets dirty, it doesn’t mean you need a new menu, which can save you time, money, and trouble. All you need to do is clean the menus thoroughly and you’ll have a bright new menu to present to your customers.

Bright Designs

In contrast to paper menus, plastic menus are very easy to design and more colorful, vibrant design elements can e incorporated to attract customers. Designing a paper and plastic require the same mechanism, only that plastic menus appear to be livelier to customers. People coming to your restaurant will surely be impressed by an aptly colorful and bright menu over a boring paper menu. And designs always look better on plastic that on paper.

Easy to Produce

These menus are very easy to print with a dry powder laser printer. You can still change and update the menu at any time. All you need to do is to make the changes to the design and you can print the updated menu at any time.

Paper menus too are easy to produce but you need not think that plastic menus are any more difficult to manufacture than paper. They are super easy to design, the design always looks brighter on plastic materials, plus they are tear and waterproof.

Due to all these factors, plastic menus are gaining rapid popularity and there’s no reason why you too should not want to use plastic menus over paper.

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