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When it comes to transporting heavy goods, using the services of a good haulage company becomes vital. Such companies are responsible for the commercial transport of goods that cannot be transported in ordinary vehicles and need an expert solution. That said, one of the most useful and valuable pieces of equipment in use for haulage is a crane lorry, and companies often hire such vehicles for use.

What is a crane truck?

As the name implies, a crane truck is a truck with a crane mounted on its back. Such vehicles have a standard cab at the front, there’s space in the middle portion for goods, and the crane itself is mounted at the end of the vehicle. It features a telescopic arm to extend its reach. You would find many crane services in Bensalem and some of them are quite reliable. Such trucks usually sit on four or eight wheels, and some models even have a separate operating booth at the rear of the vehicle.

Crane trucks are heavy-duty vehicles, ideally used for loading and unloading heavy cargo. But over the years, these have also found use in the construction industry. Depending on the weight of the cargo, crane trucks come in different models – to cope with the weight and height of the cargo.

Why hire crane trucks?

  • Not as expensive as tower cranes: Tower cranes are built to take a large crew of people and take rather long to build. It is thus more expensive than crane trucks. However, if you look at the bigger picture, crane trucks are ready to work right from the word go! All it needs is an operator. This is why many businesses find crane services in Bensalem so effective. It gets the job done, does not need a build time, and is available rather easily at pocket-friendly rates.
  • Have good lift capacity: While crane trucks look small, they have high lift capacity. An average crane truck can easily lift loads into position at a construction site. Moreover, they come with in-built stabilizers that are deployed when operating on soft ground or lifting heavy loads.
  • Are highly maneuverable: Though tower cranes can carry more load than crane trucks, they cannot be moved. They have to be dismantled and reassembled at another spot to be used again. This can be quite time-consuming and highly ineffective for those looking for a quick solution. This is where crane trucks score! The unit can be driven to almost any location. Its powerful engine and large wheels make it highly maneuverable. This makes it apt for places where space is perhaps a bit too restricted.

Key takeaway

Over the last decade, crane trucks have fast made their foray into every industry.

  • These are widely used in the agricultural sector to load and transport heavy agricultural machinery from one location to the other.
  • Whether for transporting packs of bricks or tons of roofing slates, crane services in Bensalem would sure come in handy for transporting building materials from your supplier to the construction site.
  • Crane trucks are also quite good for handling freight and cargo containers. These are thus widely used at shipping ports and airports.

Finding crane trucks is fairly easy, but you should never decide on a company based just on referrals and recommendations. If you are scouting for these, we’d recommend Prestige Tree Services. They offer reliable crane trucks for hire and can arrange units even on short notice. Their service is competitively priced and the team is always eager to help. They are an excellent choice and even offer a good deal to repeat customers. Connect with them, now!

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