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In today’s day and age, more and more businesses are ditching other variants of plastic and are opting for teslin plastic cards instead. This is because a lot of benefits can be availed by using teslin plastic cards. The teslin plastic cards can very easily be equipped with bar codes and colorful graphics which means that these cards can be easily used as insurance cards, membership cards, library cards and also loyalty cards. The teslin plastic cards can also be modified for usage in security, financial and identification applications by simply embedding such cards with integrated circuits or magnetic strips that can easily turn the teslin plastic cards into smart cards. No matter how sophisticated is the end-use for which you are considering using teslin plastic cards, Teslin can be expected to provide the following benefits:-

  • The lamination strength of teslin plastic cards can effectively secure data and can also considerably extend service life
  • The teslin plastic cards can also provide data protection and print protection through toners as well as locked-in inks
  • The teslin plastic cards can also provide considerable protection of electronics through advanced cushioning
  • The teslin plastic cards also allow for considerable print flexibility with multiple print technologies
  • Teslin plastic cards allow provide finish flexibility for all sorts of shapes, forms and sizes

What are the different benefits of teslin plastic cards?

Let’s have a look at the key benefits of teslin plastic cards in detail :-

  • Lamination strength: – Teslin plastic cards provide considerable lamination strength and this means that they can easily secure data and easily extend service life by making the material of the teslin plastic cards a lot more resistant to delamination.
  • Print and data protection: – In other options, the print on the cards can easily get scratched off and even abraded. On the other hand, with teslin plastic cards, the inks and toners get easily locked into the material and this ensures that critical print data like graphics and photography are always protected.
  • Protection of electronics: – Teslin provides a lot of benefits. It offers the durability of plastic and it can also easily flex and it can also easily cushion and dissipate static to protect embedded electronics and magnetic strips.
  • Print flexibility: – Teslin is compatible with a wide range of print technologies right from offset to digital to laser printing, without using any of the special inks. Unlike other technologies, teslin doesn’t really melt in high temperatures. Instead it easily accommodates laser-based print customization for variable print technologies. These qualities of teslin ensures that it works very well for centralized as well decentralized printing operations.
  • Finish flexibility: – That’s not all, teslin can easily be die-cut into different shapes, sizes and smaller form factors and this ensures that teslin can easily accommodate branding-related designs as well as other specialized scanning equipment.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, those were the different benefits of using teslin plastic cards. A lot of benefits can be availed by using teslin plastic cards, which explains why more and more businesses are using the same. Teslin can be considered for plastic key tags, loyalty cards, library cards, so on and so forth. In today’s day and age, in easier than ever to order teslin plastic cards and you can easily have your order custom tailored to your budget as well. When you take all the different factors into consideration and look at the bigger picture then you will realize that it is an absolute no-brainer to pick teslin plastic cards over other options.

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