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Companies owners, Especially Startup and mid-level companies, freelancers offer a wide range of benefits that most full-time employees do not. Like a lot of freelancers understand the challenges and time boundation of every task that the business owners face. They are at least familiar with everything from marketing and engaging an audience on social media, bookkeeping, billing, development and branding. Because freelancers are their own bosses, they’re completely aware of these tasks and how important they are for the success of a business. They completely understand each and everything about the small business work. That is the main reason every business startup wants to hire freelancers for their work.

The report highlighted that many individuals took to freelancing after having heard about it from friends, family, social media and freelancing platforms like Rockerstop where you can search freelancers and hire online like website designer and developer,Search engine optimizer,social media executive and many more. Of the reasons that drove them to adopt freelancing, earning more income, flexibility in schedules and ability to choose who to work for, topped the list.

Entrepreneur India lists down a few reasons why should startups hire freelancers

1- To Cut Down on Rising Costs
2- Get High-quality Work on Time
3- Accommodating for a Short-term Project
4- Partner With Best Minds
5- Freelancers Schedules Are Flexible
6- Freelancer Save You A Ton Of Time
7- They Lower Your Startup Expenses
8- Freelancer Are Highly Experienced And Work Ready

Another benefit of hiring freelancers in India is that they are highly experienced in their respective fields of work. They have years of experience, they have a good portfolio and referrals to back-up of their work. Even if they are fresher’s they still are the best at what they do. Before hiring instead of just looking at resumes, companies can work as a trial and also check their working ability prior to bringing them on board.

Finally, freelancers can help reduce costs. No matter the size of your company or business you can hire freelancers for startups, the bottom line is always a concern. Freelancers can be a more affordable option than hiring a permanent (full-time) employee. Remember, most freelancers or remote workers work from home So you don’t have to train them , don’t need to provide them with a sitting place, they’ll generally accept projects at a cheaper rate rather than salaried employees and you don’t have to worry about taxes or retirement plans for them.So its always easy to work with freelancer.

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