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Surveillance and security nowadays are imperative. However, without CCTV and NVR it is impossible to attain this.

CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television is designed to supervise the neighborhood, preventing the area from intruders. But a CCTV without NVR is insensible.

What is NVR?

NVR or the Network Video Recorder is a system that when connected to the group of CCTV cameras can record the video of every second in digital format. It even allows you to store the video when connected to the computer system or any hard disk. A popular brand model that is often used in commercial areas is HIKVISION DS-7608NI-K2-8P. Buy one with a CCTV and secure your commercial place.

Why NVR is essential for business?

NVR is essential not just for a business, but even for every such destination where surveillance is mandatory. This can be your home, shopping place, traffic stations, etc. And the reason behind this is not just confined to one. Rather multiple factors influence this.

  1. High-range monitoring: A good quality NVR can monitor multiple floors and multiple locations. This is the biggest advantage that an NVR possesses. And the reason behind this is the number of channels they have. They don’t need any separate server or a centralized system to monitor a group of surveillance cameras.

  2. Flexibility: NVR is flexible enough to store the video recordings of every camera systematically. It offers a huge number of data storage facilities, causing no problem in loading the high-resolution video files. For example, HIKVISION DS-7608NI-K2-8P.

  3. Less storage space consumption: Although the recorder provides flexibility in storing data, less storage space consumption is mandatory to allow storage of every data with good picture quality.

    To provide this advantage, NVR uses the advanced technology of compressing the high-resolution files, creating more space for more data storage. The most advanced compression technique used by NVR can reduce the storage space consumption by almost 50%. A big figure we must say.

  4. High level of data security: Storing of video files may result in high level of data breaching by the vandals. But here the case is different. NVR possess a high level of data security. It uses highly advanced user authorization details and usually in-approve the access of data by different IP addresses. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about data breaching with NVR.

  5. Easy for investigation: Every video the NVR records comes with a real timeline. This makes it easier for the investigators to investigate a case and reach out to the conclusion.

The Bottom Line

NVR is thus very a much-needed setup when you are thinking about security and surveillance.

Are you ready to install a CCTV camera at your workplace? Don’t forget to buy an NVR with this! Plenty of models are manufactured daily with their own features and characteristics. For instance, HIKVISION DS-7608NI-K2-8P. This is an 8 channel NVR that has a recording resolution up to 12MP.  Look for a reputed CCTV dealer and get the best surveillance systems for your company.

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