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Aiykaam offers e-cards to businesses so they can create a unique brand image to stand out from their competitors. You can use their online tools and services to create a stunning, intelligent, and advanced electronic visiting card for your business.

With these services, you can select ready-to-use templates for creating their electronic cards. Hence, you don’t have to worry about designing any layout or providing any mandatory artwork for printing your digital card.

If you have not considered getting a digital visiting card so far, it’s time you understand the benefits of or electronic cards in businesses.

Key Benefits of Having Digital Visiting Card for Your Company

If you compare paper business cards and digital visiting cards, the latter offers more benefits than the former option.

1. Paperless and More Space

When you decide to get an electronic business card for your company, it offers you as much space you need for including information. Hence, eCards are more preferable in businesses nowadays, as it doesn’t restrict the space available in paper or plastic visiting cards.

2. Information & Visibility

On a digital card, you can easily provide the necessary details like name of the card holder, business or designation, phone number, email address, fax number, website URLs, social media accounts, and more. This not only saves your money but also offers you the scope to target prospects looking for your business or products online. 

3. Time-saving & Cost-effective

Certain situations may arise when the information provided on your business card needs to be updated. When this happens, modifying the changes in plastic or paper-based visiting cards can take more effort, time, and money. But with the inclusion of electronic visiting card, making the updates will be comparatively easy.

4. Storage & Sharing

Digital business cards don’t require any card holder, wallet, or special memorizing ability to carry them along. You can store it anywhere, be it your mobile device, pendrive, email, or any internet-enabled media.

Moreover, these electronic business cards can be shared with as many people as you want within short time duration. You can even distribute them via emails or apps while marketing your products and services to customers while interacting with them over the Internet.

Factors to Consider Before Getting Digital Visiting Card from Professionals

Various benefits are there when you choose a professional design agency to get your electronic cards for businesses. They can provide well-designed electronic business cards by utilizing advanced technologies available in the market.

1. Interactive Features

By getting your visiting cards designed by experts, you can get more interactive elements in your card for smart communication. This means you will have the option to include your aCard directly into your digital marketing options. Hence, the chances of attracting potential clients become high when a reliable digital card designer creates cards for your business.

2. aCard Quick Share

After creating you’re a Card on online digital card design platforms like Aikyaam, you can share your digital business card with your clients or business alliances easily. They can offer you tools to generate a distinguishable digital QrCode automatically, which you can further use for retaining or sharing purposes.

Therefore, you can share the link or generated QrCode with others via social media apps and websites, email signature, messengers, and more.

3. Pre-designed Templates

No extra efforts are required from your end to design electronic business cards through professionals. Online agencies can provide a huge range of selection for pre-built templates to design your cards. With their services, you can easily modify the content, graphics, templates, or other features available on your electronic visiting card.

To include more attractive features like call, email, WhatsApp, add to contacts, navigation, and QrCode share with a single click, you can visit Aikyaam to know their services and prices for digital business card design plans.

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