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Dubai training center

Dubai is one of the largest cities in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Dubai-based training centers or institutions dealing with students in all types of curriculum and grades, offering classes in English, Maths, IELTS, Arabic, Physics, Chemistry, and other subjects as well. These training centers provide an opportunity for students who want to nurture their skills and acquire knowledge. It also offers individual instruction that encourages better retention than in small groups. 

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) governs the Dubai training center. Numerous highly-qualified teachers with years of experience are offered jobs in these Dubai-based training institutions, to teach the curriculum to students and offer them vocational and hands-on-training that will fit their needs. Here is the list of some popular training centers in Dubai-

  1.  AI-MIHAD Training Center

This training center cares for the general public and their problems related to socio-economic growth. Most of the individuals who were unable to complete their academic studies, migrate in search of jobs to the Gulf nations. Hence, they had to face a lot of challenges in seeking employment due to unavailable educational degrees. Located in 802 Sahara Tower 2 Al-Nahda Road, this Dubai training center offers various technical courses that are mainly participated by individuals without any diplomas or degrees.      

  •  AI-MAJAZ Star Computer Training Center

Dubai is also famous as an IT hub as it offers several computer-related training courses to individuals. Located in Dubai Deira, AI-MAJAZ is popular as an educational center started since 2006. It has attempted to develop as one of the best polytechnic centers. This training institution facilitates courses of Basic Computer to Advance Cisco and Microsoft Certified diplomas. Besides facilitating packages at affordable rates, this polytechnic center offers personality development courses in both Arabic and English languages. 

  •  Virginia Institute of Finance

This institution offers hands-on business training to individuals that develop rapidly by unique techniques to make a candidate stand-out among others. Virginia Institute of Finance is considered to be one of the best training centers in Dubai and UAE. Various courses offered in this center are Accounting, Finance, Data Analytics, Investment, Microsoft Office, Business Intelligence, and Business reporting. The training program offered here involves character building attributes, which directly impact business growth including fraud, internal control, risk management, governance, and technical courses. It is also a recommended institution to kick start your business career.    

  •  HNI (Human Network International) Training & Coaching

This training center offers business and IT-related courses to train individuals in their affiliated fields and furnish them with applicable knowledge and assure success. It offers various courses including Human Resource Management, Intentional Diploma in Business (IDB), and the International Diploma in Computer Studies (IDCS). This training institution has become one of the leading players in soft-skills development programs. Their training solutions are highly-customizable, through research and specifically designed for the Middle East and North African Countries. HNI is popular as one of the most affordable and best training centers in Dubai.  

5. Laurels Training Institute

It is one of the leading training centers in Dubai, which can meet both the practical and business needs of individuals in every field. Laurels deals with several significant topics including risk management, financial management, general management, internal audits and control, public relations, supply chain management, human resource management, marketing, hospitality management, soft skills, tourism management, business administration, project and leadership management, corporate training, and other management courses.    

These are some of the best training institutions in Dubai and UAE, which offers potential training and numerous courses to individuals to seek a job without having a proper academic qualification. If you want to add more to the list, then you can simply write it in the comment section. 

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