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Are you looking for ideas to start a restaurant business? Or longing to visit some with your family or friends? Then going through this blog will guide you to choose the best one, among different kinds of restaurants in East Legon.  

The restaurants are nicely decorated spaces where food is prepared to serve customers as common trade practice. A restaurant can be sorted based on various factors, like location, ambiance, services offered, specific cuisine or dishes, among others. If you are still confused about which one will best suit your needs, you can check the list of details.

Types of Restaurants

  1. Fine Dining: This kind of establishment is visited mostly during special events, like birthday parties, weddings or anniversaries. It is the highest-rated kind of restaurant, defined by attentive customer service, elaborate menus, formal dress code, and sophisticated decor. The majority of fine dining restaurants require table reservations in advance, which are availed by wealthy clients.      
  • Family Style Restaurants: This type of restaurants in East Legon are similar to casual dining, featured with shareable platters. It is layout as a relaxed atmosphere, where customers make choice what to eat. The menus of family-style restaurants are more reasonably priced than traditional menus. It’s recommended for families with kids and groups of friends. This kind of restaurant will have a circular rotating ‘plate’ in the mid-table so that customers can get any dishes they want.   
  •  Casual Dining: The atmosphere of casual dining restaurants may depend on the brand and expected visitors base, but here are some of the qualities-
  • Table Service
  • Low to Moderate Menu Cost
  • Low-Key Ambience
  • Specific Decor
  • Cafe: These ranges from casual hangouts to fashionable establishments, cafes are possibly the most common eating hubs in East Legon. Also popular are coffee shops or coffeehouses, first introduced to serve as social gathering zones. In general, cafes are designed to provide a relaxed ambiance. They usually serve tea, coffee, beverages, or small items for breakfast.
  • Contemporary Casual Restaurants: This type of restaurant has recently emerged, with trendy and modern decor. The contemporary casual dining mainly abides by eco-friendly protocols and serves healthy food options, like fusion cuisine in a casual table manner. This restaurant mainly emphasizes social media worthy decor and foods offered in a presentable manner.    
  • Fast Food Restaurants: This kind of eating hubs can be categorized through their speedy, user convenience, and affordable services of food. They are usually part of major international franchises or chains with limited features, and unhealthy menus. The most popular foods available here are – hamburgers, pizza, french fries, various desserts, and beverages. Also, foods are usually served in disposable items, such as – paper food trays, plastic containers, and to-go bowls in fast food hubs. A new form of healthy fast-food chains has set barriers for the standard calorie menus, offering fresh salads, quinoa bowls, and crispy wraps.   
  • Buffet Restaurants: A self-service facility where different kinds of food are displayed on tables or counters. In most buffet-style restaurants, customers need to pay flat costs, but it may vary depending on the country you’re living. Also, it may allow customization by offering several food options to select from. This restaurant usually has elegant, yet casual decor.      
  • Pop-up Restaurants: This kind of restaurant is popular in the hospitality sector, which are temporary eateries functional in odd locations for a specific time. These offer outstanding opportunities for young talented chefs to display their skills and develop their careers. It allows visitors to taste new foods and pop-up food concepts. This pop-up restaurant may include counter service, full-table service, food stand, or food truck service as well. In short, this restaurant offers a unique dining opportunity with original food to enjoy.   

However, the restaurant industry is continuously growing, so innovation and new concepts are taking form every day. If you are keen to start a restaurant, consider the original twist you can represent on existing restaurant forms. With fresh dining opening all time, your unique restaurant decor, name, and ambiance can add any kind of upscale or casual eatery to living.

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