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teeth whitening Canberra

A dazzling bright smile helps you get that boosted confidence and also amplifies the overall appearance dramatically. However, the lifestyle choices we make take a toll on our pearly whites.

But thank God for the existence of Teeth Whitening procedure one can get their shine back on in no time. There are many dental clinics where teeth whitening Canberra or in other locations is offered.

If you still feel going in for the procedure a little intimidated because of the things you have heard about it then let us clear your doubts today. We are here to bust the common myths that revolve around the Teeth Whitening procedure.

So without further ado let’s bust some myths, shall we?

Myth 1: Getting a teeth whitening procedure done makes your teeth sensitive and weak

Well, the actual fact is Teeth Whitening like any other medical procedure comes along with some potential risks. The risks mainly include gum irritation, sensitivity, etc.

However, getting this procedure done from an expert and certified dental care provider will help you avoid or significantly minimize those risks.

As a matter of fact, recent studies show that the modern tech used for teeth whitening like diode lasers do not have any adverse effect on teeth. Therefore, making the procedure completely safe and secure.

As long as you are under the hands of a licensed professional you’ll be assured to get fruitful results with lowered or no harm at all.

Myth 2: Teeth Whitening works for everyone

The process of teeth whitening is not for everyone. If you have any work done before on your teeth such as dentures, crowns, filling, etc then the outcomes might not be flattering.

The teeth whitening solutions used during the procedure will not give you desired whiteness because of the presence of other fillers. Also, teeth whitening does not work on those individuals who have gray or blue stained teeth as a result of certain medications or trauma.

Teeth Whitening happens to work best only on those who have yellowish colored teeth with no work done before. It is essential to get expert advice prior to getting the teeth whitening done.

Myth 3: Over-the-counter products work just the same as teeth whitening treatment done in the dental office

The truth is the products found from over-the-counter drug stores do not work as effectively as teeth whitening treatment done in dental clinics. In fact, several studies show that most of these drug store products contain sodium chloride as an active ingredient.

Now this substance found in most products is harmful to teeth as they wither away the hardness of the teeth and make them prone to surface abrasion. Other than that the over-the-counter products may also have toxic chemicals that you might even not know.

Going in for teeth whitening at an expert clinic means you will get professional treatment as they are certified and trained to do what they are doing. Hence, using over-the-counter stuff is a big no-no for Teeth Whitening.

Myth 4: You can get the procedure done once and you are good to go

Actually that’s not how it works. Most of the teeth whitening process require a touch-up. Yes, it is true that the treatment done by an expert dentist will last for up to three years.

However, you have to get additional work done on you after six months to as long as a year. The longevity of teeth whitening also depends on your lifestyle habits and other factors.


If these are some of the things which may have stopped you from getting this procedure done then there’s no stopping you now. Book your appointment to an expert professional dental clinic for teeth whitening Canberra or in other locations without any worries.

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