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You probably can relate to the idea of cold therapy to treat muscle pain. You even can call up the days when you had pain in any parts of your body, you were treated with only a bunch of ice packs. The process still applies even in the age of evolution. Because there is no effective treatment than cold therapy in treating physical pain. But, with Cryotherapy the treatment can penetrate to a little deeper. Which means Cryotherapie Zürich workshop it can treat your mental illness to an extent too.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is one of the most popular treatments presently. After analyzing the success rate of treating your muscle pain with an ice pack, doctors have come up with advanced treatment. This is cryotherapy treatment.

If you’ve gone for a spa, you might relate to the set of cryotherapy. The idea of this treatment was introduced by iceman wimhof. There are proven benefits of this ice treatment.  Inside the cryotherapy booth, the freezing temperature is created with nitrogen. The range of temperature is between minus 200 to minus 300 Fahrenheit.

Sitting in a booth with such freezing temperature may seem funny to you. but, the human body responds to it effectively. So, there is nothing to be apprehensive about taking the treatment.

If you’ve pain in certain areas, you can take partial cryotherapy. Even some people opt for cryotherapy facial treatment. This can be beneficial for bringing back the glow of your skin.

How many different ways cryotherapy can be used?

  1. Cryotherapy for treating muscle pain

People with arthritis can only understand the pain they undergo. Even with other forms of treatment, none can beat the pain permanently. But, the modern cryotherapy in wim hof method workshop is becoming popular with its effective results. Some of the globally known athletics have highly been benefited from this treatment in treating sudden muscle injury. Getting an ice treatment basically increases the blood circulation in your body and thus promote heal. Cryotherapy treatment has proved that it can reduce the pain of arthritis too.

  • Cryotherapy for Weight loss

Have you tried all possible ways to lose your weight? But, still not reached even closer to your desired look. Don’t worry try cryotherapy this time. the freezing temperature makes your body responsive and more active. Hence you’ll likely to burn fat as well. the repeated fat burning leads to enhanced metabolism rate. Thus your body will automatically burn more fat.

  • Cryotherapy for Treating depression

Cold therapy not only helps in treating physical pain but mental pain too. There are results showing that after making patients undergo cryotherapy treatment, cut off the depression symptoms by 50 per cent. You can even do a little experiment with your body before opting for cryotherapy treatment. Each morning, take a cold shower and start your day. You’ll notice the fundamental changes in the way your body responds to everything.


Wim hof is a scientifically tested method. The method has proven benefits. People have reviewed this as one of the best methods and also the simplest one. If the effective treatment is still unknown to you then pay a visit to wim hof method workshop. When you’ve fewer diseases and filled with energy you’ll be able to perform everything at your best.

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