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Pain management prp

In the traditional times pain associated with the knee was treated with anti inflammatory medications and injections. Although several medications were used, still the result was never up to the mark. In recent times, after decades of research, orthopedic surgeons came up with the new concept of ‘pain management PRP’.

This concept rightly states that if blood platelets are taken from a growth factor of the body and replaced with the injured portion, it will promote new cell and tissue formation. The entire process and concept might appear to be quite complex at first, but if you know properly about the benefits it provides, you will rethink it.

Keep reading to get a detailed knowledge of procedure. 

Purposes in which pain management PRP can be used

There are several critical injuries that could be adequately served by pain management PRP.

Go through some of the examples

Loss of hair

One of the biggest issues that men are facing today is ‘androgenic alopecia’, this issue was rightly cured by the proper use of pain management PRP.


Traditionally patients suffering from osteoarthritis were treated with ‘hyaluronic acid injections’. However in a recent survey it has been indicated that the use of pain management PRP has been far more beneficial than the past one.

Post-surgical repair

Are you suffering from a tendon injury or a ligament strain ? no worries, opt for pain management PRP and get your issue resolved now.

Acute injuries

It is a common thing for sports experts to get hurt on a daily basis, mostly these injuries are related to muscle sprain and pulled hamstring. This type of issue can also be rightly monitored by pain management PRP.

Know about the process of pain management PRP

If you are going to opt for this treatment, get a clear expectation list for the same

  • Blood will be taken from a growth region of your body, amount will be dependant on the injury and its severity
  • The sample of the blood will be induced in a centrifuge to separate the components in the right order
  • The separation of the plasma will be collected and used in the injured area
  • Finally doctor will inject pain management PRP into the injured area for the growth of new tissue

Effectivity of Pain management PRP

Yes, it is extremely effective for treating knee related injuries starting from normal knee replacement to osteoarthritis. After a detailed analysis it has been found that pain management PRP helps to reduce pain up-to a score of -3 to -6. Although the treatment is highly effective in providing positive results, you need to keep in mind that the patient is also perfect for the position.

Patients who could opt for this treatment are those who have symptoms of OA and are not able to manage control of inflammation of the knee. However you should always keep in mind that this treatment is still an experimental one, thereby there is no insurance covered in it. Further there is considerably less research regarding the effectiveness of the procedure. Therefore, if you are thinking of opting for this treatment, make sure to do comprehensive research first.

Cost structure and side effects  

As pain management PRP is still one of the experimental processes, thereby insurance on the same is almost negligible. While going for this treatment keep in mind that most of the cost will have to be paid out of your pocket. Although the complete price range varies from place to place, mostly the cost is very high.

If you are going to adopt this procedure to cure osteoarthritis or some additional ailment, be sure to get a detailed knowledge of the treatment first. Try to consult with your physician and discuss your needs, also keep in mind to talk about your past medical conditions. This way both you and your doctor will be able to understand the need of the treatment.

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