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Trading in stocks is a complex affair. There are certain things that you will have to be acquainted with. Knowing the tools you need, how to make the best use of them and what to expect from them will only make things easy for you. Before you start stock trading, here are the things you need to do:

Gain a substantial knowledge of the stock market:

Stocks usually are small pieces of a company. The stock price also known as the share is the actual value of the corporation. It also reflects the outlook of the company which is further determined by the people who are trading the stock. The inherent characteristics of stocks are that they fluctuate continually and have no kind of set price. Stocks are basically traded on an exchange, for instance the New York Stock Exchange. The typical hours of stock exchange in the NYSE are from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. The buying and selling of stocks takes place in between these hours. There are still some exceptions to the rule, as some trading does take place outside these hours known as the after hours or the pre market trading.

In order to research the stock and commence trading you will need the ticker symbol of the stock. If the company you are researching is traded publicly then add the word”quote” while searching for that company and you will get the ticker.

The basic job of a ticker is to trade the stock. It is a one to five letter code. After buying the stock you can sell them at a price higher after some time has passed. You are therefore likely to make profit this way. You must remember to learn about the bid/ask spread which is the way how the prices move. You must also read the basics of the stock chart.

Establish a purpose for trading

Define the things that you rather want from your trading of stocks. There is nothing right or wrong here. There are a number of ways in which you can trade your stock. For instance day trading is like taking the trades that last a day and the entire trade procedure lasts only minutes. Then there is the concept of swing trading which lasts only from a day to several weeks. Investing means the taking of trades that lasts for months or maybe years. You must make a thorough consideration of your finances before you pursue anything. Your financial literacy will start improving the more you gain experience

Find a broker and a trading platform

When you find a broker you are most likely to get your trading facilitated. The typical job of a broker includes facilitating the trading between the participants of the market. Due to the brokers you can buy stocks from the sellers and sell stocks to the buyers. Always consider a broker who is low cost, honest, reliable and gives you enough tools for research.

There are several principles in the market based on which you get to know the value of shares. The liquidity of a market is one of the major things that you should be considering to know the availability and the price of a share. When you open a share dealing account initially you have to consider a lot of things and might have to stumble upon things that look uncomfortable. A share market is all about adopting things.

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