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Consent Orders Sydney

In simple terms, consent orders are normally a fantastic outcome for you if you are able to come to an agreement with your ex-spouse. A consent order is a type of court order made when the parties involved have already come to an agreement outside of court and wish to make this agreement official. You can apply to the Family Court to make your property arrangement legally binding. It is always a better option to get the agreement transferred into court orders, to make the agreement enforceable under Australian family law if you have already arranged your property settlement outside the court. Once an agreement is reached, an application can be made to the court for a consent order to formalise and enforce that agreement. Consent Orders need to follow legal procedure, therefore expert advice is crucial in reaching an agreement that is reasonable to both parties and adequately reflects their intentions. Resolving your matter by consent will reduce the stress involved in separation and will finalise your matter quickly, allowing you to move on with your life and focus on other areas of your life. Consent Orders are a practical, inexpensive solution to formalising the parenting arrangements for children and finalising your property/ financial matters.

Consent Orders Sydney can be very complicated for you, if you do not choose an experienced lawyer. Matthew Buckley is one of the most experienced lawyers in Sydney. Being an accredited lawyer, he can give you the best and the practical advice related to your circumstances. Matthew Buckley can handle matters ranging from the smallest and most amicable, to the most complex and protracted. We value his clients and provide them with respect and transparency. He makes all family related matters as painless and stress-free as possible, with the aim to get the matter resolved as quickly as he can, so all parties can move forward.

Our lawyer, Matthew Buckley, will deal with your matter from the very first day till the finalisation of your matter. He is committed to help his clients, and he will always ensure that the best outcome is achieved for you and your family. He offers fixed-fee law services and will always tailor his services to meet his client’s circumstances. You can resolve your property settlement matters through consent orders as it reduces the complexities and stress involved in the relationship between a separated couple, and it is the fastest way of finalising property matters.

Matthew Buckley will try to help you find a path towards a more certain future. This process can help save time and money for both parties, and reducing stress on children and other stakeholders. So, contact Matthew Buckley now to get the best advice related to your circumstances.

For immediate assistance or for further information on family law matters, please do not hesitate to contact Matthew Buckley with your enquiry at this number: 0415 604 593 or you can also mail us a mail at

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