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child custody attorney Sydney
Best family lawyers in Sydney

Parenting agreement child custody attorney Sydney can be complex free and easier if you choose Thexton Lawyers as we have the most experienced and accredited specialists in our firm. 

Parenting agreement includes where the child will live and with whom and what time the child will spend with the other parent during holidays, special occasions etc. Parents get equal say on important decision-making such as about the health, education, and the better future of the child. Parents need to make the decision of where the younger child will live and the older child can make its own decision regarding this matter and if the matter gets complicated or if there is any history of violence the court gets involved in this decision-making.

Not only parents who can apply for the parenting agreement but anyone can apply for it if he or she has interest in the care, welfare and development of the child; that can be legal parents or grandparents or stepparents.
If, you are unable to bring a certificate from an accredited family dispute practitioner, your application for parenting agreement will not be accepted by the court, so before applying for it, you must resolve your parenting disputes through a family mediator.

We have one of the best family lawyer and accredited specialist Matthew Buckley in our law firm, who can give you the best advice related to your parenting agreement. He will use his years of experiences and will deal with your matter directly from the first day till the finalisation of the matter. We know parenting agreement can be very emotional and stressful as the matter is about your children and your future so you should choose someone who an expert and can deal with your matter professionally.

The Best family lawyers in Sydney

Thexton lawyers are known to be the best family law firm in the state. We deal with all the matters included in the federal Family Law Act 1975 such as divorce, children’s orders, property division, spousal maintenance and all the other matters related to Family Law.

No one can provide you the best family lawyers Sydney accept the Thexton Lawyers. We are the most reliable and trusted law firm who can provide you the best lawyers in Sydney. Our first priority is to meet the expectations of our clients and give them the best outcome possible.

Our lawyer Matthew Buckley can give you the best advice related to your circumstances and will fight for you till the end. He is not only one of the finest lawyers in our firm but is also the first choice of our clients.

We give you a free consultancy and charge a very affordable amount only when we are able to understand your matter and are ready to deal with it.

If, you want Matthew Buckley to deal with your matter directly, you can contact us in this number: 0410 598 740 or you can also mail us mail to:

What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us now. One of our friendly staff will immediately assist you.

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