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Challenge coin is a special gift given to someone to show that they are members of a group. This is not the only reason of a challenge coin.

Military challenge coins are meant to represent an organization or group. People from this special group are given challenge coins as proof of membership and as a celebration of respect and honor.

The uniqueness of the coins varies depending on the organization ordering the coin and the way they plan to use it. However, most coins have a team logo or symbol.

Want to learn more about challenge coins? Then read on.

What does a Challenge Coin Mean?

Traditionally, military commanders present coins to service members. It is a gift of honor and friendship. These coins are hard. The commander’s individual coin is often made of copper or zinc, and usually contain words and symbols that denote a group or organization.

During operations, military personnel use these coins to ensure safety and security during combat. Veterans and retired military personnel are often the ones who decide on their positions. In military, challenge coins represents morality and commitment.

Appearance of a Challenge Coin

Most challenge coins are circular. However, these can be pentagons, spades that can be worn around the neck. Modern coins often feature an artistic logo or team emblem. Some additional general additions are the team slogan, key locations and dates for special events.

Today, the most popular options are gold and nickel. Of course, there are different types of metals. These include copper, nickel, black nickel and iris iron. Soft paint is applied to the area where the artwork was left to create a pattern and logo.

While this is the usual look of a challenging coin, there are many common options available that look very different. The coin was never officially adopted, so there is much debate among military historians about the culture of the coin.


Many believe that a wealthy American in World War I gave his team a bronze coin each before they were sent to war. One of the American fighter pilots was taken away by the Germans before fleeing to a French outpost. He was believed to be a German spy until he exposed the coin next to his neck. According to this story, the challenge coin saved his life.

Other historians say that the tradition of coin first began with the Vietnamese soldiers at some bar. Here, visitors had to show the coins upon entry.

Challenge coins have since developed and nowadays, even organizations gift them to employees as a mark of appreciation. Today, civilians too can have them. And if you are looking to hold this great piece of metal in your hands, you can order your custom military challenge coin from us.

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