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Fashion doesn’t have to make sense. This is proven again with the biggest release this year so far — the Chunky Dunky. You would expect a pair of shoes upward of 1600 bucks would have something to do with sleekness, modern, ultra luxury looks, or have bluetooth, or at least out of the studio of a giant french designer — but this is nothing like that.

The Chunky Dunks are one of the most ridiculous shoes we’ve seen — and probably that is why it wins a lot of hearts. For 2020, Nike joined up with a brand that had nothing to do with shoes, Ben & Jerry’s. Yeah, the ice cream guys. Would you believe that a shoe can be inspired by ice cream? Nike says, it soooo can!

How do the Chunky Dunks look?

The design is, in a word — outrageous. The theme is a reminder of how most Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky ice cream cups look. Mated on a shoe, it gives a distinct LSD trip like aura. The coloring is straight out of a box of said ice cream; that is, think of cows and rolling green meadows and blue skies.

Nike has gone further to make it even more creamy. For example, the logo of Nike — the swoosh — looks like it is melting. Just like a scoop running down a cone on a sweltering summer day. There are more elements on this shoe than on a toddler’s make-your-own sundae. The lining inside is like a hippy style tie dye. It is utterly ridiculous! Looks like what a kid might sketch with crayons. Yet it gives off a strange, familiar vibe, making you fall instantly in love with them.

How much does the Chunky Dunks cost?

It wouldn’t be so outrageous if it wasn’t so costly. Funny enough, the Chunky Dunky didn’t look that way initially. At first sale the price was $100 only — but they just blinked off the shelf into the resellers’ pockets.

And now, the Chunky Dunks costs upward of $1600. What’s more, the family edition of the shoe costs near about $4000. This comes in a full tub of ice cream to boot. What were you saying about making sense of the world?

What makes the Chunky Dunky the biggest release of the year?

It isn’t about the show, you have to remember first. In fashion, these days it is all about how you create the brand, not much about the product itself. Indeed, the success story of the chunky dunks could be a lesson for marketing people and entrepreneurs — about how to create a hit.

Nike’s success with this product lies in creating hits by building up its shoe models, harnessing hype, and slowly trickling our pairs. This is more about supply and demand than anything — it is just Economics 101. The shoe is really limited, and that pours a whole lot of collector like attention in the pot.

But is that all there is to the chunkies? Unlikely. You wouldn’t just buy anything if only two of them were manufactured. Well, you might, on a whim, but that habit is not common enough to make a market out of it. So what is the other half of the secret?

Most of the traits you have are hereditary, you know. Your brainpower and your metabolism certainly are, which dictates the rest of your life pretty much. And so it goes in case of the chunky dunks as well. The lineage of the Chunky Dunky comes a long way through success. For example, the last time Nike did something like this was with  the Travis Scott Dunk which peaked near the same value as well. It was similarly brazen and weirdly designed just like this one too.

Similar stories go by as we turn back time. Nike released the green-and-yellow “Brazils,” a collaboration with Comme des Garçons, and a pair of collegiate editions that borrow colors from Syracuse and Kentucky. It is said by experts that if the Chunky Dunks came out before these models, then it wouldn’t have been so successful. So, truly, much of the success of the Chunky Dunky belongs to the long generation of similar releases.

In Conclusion

Nike is best at what it does — “picking winners by selling a story, bringing back a shoe like the Dunk from the graveyard, and catering to a consumer who buys shoes based on pop culture versus athlete recognition” — according to Corigshoe, the sneaker reseller.

The sneakers are, even to my old eyes, designed incredibly well, and capture the heart even though they are seven hells of bizarre. The colors are carefully calibrated to work together and not to mention the material is space travel class. In the end, success belongs to those who will the product to serve them.

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