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An Overview of Seedbox and its Function

An Overview of Seedbox and its Function

While downloading files through torrents, what’s the primary thing that strikes your mind. Be honest!

Isn’t it the privacy, the insecurity of hacking your data? True.

The only reason why people hesitate to download files whilst browsing torrent is the security issues. With the advancement in technology and science, it has become easier for hackers to use “Torrent” as a tool for stealing online data and destroying the security.

However, things started changing when people started using “seedbox”, the remote server for torrenting.

So, what is Seedbox?

Seedbox, as per technical term, is a remote server that is perfectly designed for the torrenting purpose. It is hosted in a remote area with a high-bandwidth that displays a public IP address, making it difficult for the attacker to identify the real user. This what makes uploading and downloading of digital files safe and secure.

Likewise, there are numerous benefits associated with seedbox and you must have a knowledge of this before making assumptions in air.  

Some benefits that you must learn

Apart from the security benefit, the remote server is recognized for multiple other advantages. Let’s find them out one by one.

  1. Downloading and uploading speed: Seedbox is truly known for its impressive downloading and uploading speed. If you talk about its bandwidth, it ranges from 100MBPS to 10 GBPS. Enough to download and upload multiple files, no matter how large the file size is.

    While torrenting, it promises to offer 1:1 upload-download ratio so that there is no issue while processing the digital files.
  2. Eliminates bandwidth throttling: Often we found ISP or the Internet Service Provider deliberately trimming down the bandwidth, making it slower to process files digitally. Seedboxes eliminate all such throttling behavior, allowing the users to upload, download, or stream video files easily.
  3. Streaming Videos: Seedboxes are not just for uploading and downloading files, but even responsible for streaming videos online. They host media files and allow users to keep their files organized. They act as a media center and let the users own their respective library.

    Types of Seedbox
    Seedboxes are specifically of three types. Let’s describe them in a brief manner.
  4. Dedicated Remote Server: Dedicated server as the name suggests is designed to access the entire resource. However, not a single element of the resource can be shared with any other user.
  5. VPS Remote Server: VPS or Virtual Private Server is designed in such a way that you can share the hosting with others. Shared hosting implies the dedicated server is distributed equally using VMWare or Xen. And each portion of the dedicated server is provided to the individual user.
  6. Shared Remote Server: Shared Seedbox allows multiple users to access the entire resource. The users are alloted with independent HDD slots, keeping the users separate from each other.

Functions of Seedboxes

Now, since you are well aware of the benefits of seedbox, it is time to give a brief overview of the function of these remote servers.

Seedboxes are primarily used for torrenting – uploading and downloading files. Now, do you know why they are so powerful in delivering such a high speed? This is because of the BitTorrent Protocol.

This communication channel is specially designed for peer-to-peer sharing of files over the web. The protocol is mainly used for delivering large-sized files from server to the end-user.

Seedboxes being connected with a high-speed network, files are easily downloaded from the torrent site and can be further downloaded in a device using HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or Rsync protocols.

Furthermore, the remote server can be used in multiple platforms that include Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Hence, if you are looking for a remote server for torrenting purpose, you can choose seedbox blindly.


To conclude, there are multiple such seedboxes that are integrated with VNC connection. Such a seedbox thus being more powerful helps plenty of remote users to access the digital files easily. And it will be no wrong to describe the seedbox as a torrenting partner for the regular torrenting users.

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