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Wocommerce Inventory management is not an easy task to handle. You might misunderstand it at first when you are stepping into the world of eCommerce. 

But, over time when you will be managing a large number of products at a time, you will be stressed. So, it’s better to automate the whole inventory management process with the help of the WooCommerce inventory management plugin. 

There are thousands of plugins for inventory management, but why should you prefer TradeGecko? 

This might be a question for the newbies who have not been introduced to TradeGecko’s benefits and features. Well, fret not!!

You can realize why TradeGecko is the best out of all the plugins. If you want to learn more about TradeGecko, you can have a look here. Now let’s jump back to the importance of using TradeGecko as your WooCommerce inventory management plugin,

 The Importance of TradeGecko:

TradeGecko is one of the most popular WooCommerce inventory management plugins which can help you integrate with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Xero and many more. 

The ability of TradeGecko to manage orders, adjustments of stocks, manage purchase orders, invoice, stocks, delivery, shipping, etc. has made this one of the popular plugins of the recent past.

Research states that businesses grow their revenue by more than 50% after integrating with TradeGecko. 

Tradegecko itself claims that it has helped over 23000 users globally. Isn’t that amazing?

And the most amazing part here is that it has not been just 7 years since this plugin came into the market. So, what makes TradeGecko so popular in such less time? 

Well, it’s because of its outstanding features which make it possible for a business to stand out. 

Let’s take a look at the features of this WooCommerce inventory management plugin

Myriad Features of TradeGecko:

There are reasons behind this plugin to be the best. In this section, you will come to know the range of features of TradeGecko. Let’s get started, 

  1. Inventory Control

Inventory control allows a user to avoid stockouts because it makes instant reorders by itself. This feature also notifies you for every purchase and sales updates. The best part?

It makes you able to deal with multiple currencies using a single platform. So, from now on you won’t need the help of other plugins to deal with multiple currencies. This single software will sort out all your issues. 

There are 14 classified categories under this inventory control, these include, 

  • Inventory list management 
  • Product details management 
  • Product history management. 
  • Product variants management. 
  • Product and bundles kitting.
  • Barcode scanning
  • Inventory details report
  • Reorder report
  • Stock adjustment
  • Inventory stock report 
  • Location report.
  • Incoming stock report
  • Stock on hand in sync with the received purchase order.
  1. Inventory Optimization 

Every eCommerce owner would relate to the embarrassing scenario of going understock. For example, you have a couple of customers to satisfy with order fulfillment but you don’t have enough stocks on your inventory. 

Or, another scenario could be that you have too many stocks in your inventory which means the amount is blocked for an unknown time. 

So, both the understock and overstock is a loss for your business. But, with TradeGecko, you will no longer have to face such scenarios. As it includes features like, 

  • Automated demand forecasting
  • Inventory optimization metrics
  • Setup reorders points. 
  1. Warehouse Management

The warehouse management feature allows you to manage important tasks such as shipping, receiving, picking, packing, etc. So, with this single site, you can seamlessly manage your inventory that too across multiple locations. 

The features of warehouse management help you with,

  • Receiving and transferring stocks between multiple warehouses. 
  • Easy location tracking. 
  • Easy location reporting. 
  • Remote access.
  1. Order Management

Now you can synchronize all your orders with this single platform and enhance your business efficiency. It helps you track all the orders and fulfill them at the right time. This order management helps you with, 

  • Order synchronization with inventory
  • Order creation to fulfillment management
  • Integration with multiple sales channels
  • Real-time sales report
  1. Multichannel sales

Multichannel sales management allows you to sell without any efforts on popular platforms like Amazon, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. Take a look at how multichannel sales management helps you with your business, 

  • Sell internationally
  • Avoid stock out
  • Upload product hassle-free
  • Manage orders on multiple channels

Features that Tradegecko Offers with Availed with its Latest Version: Here is a glance!

Tradegecko offers you innumerable features to enhance your business. Let’s look at other features of this WooCommerce inventory management at a glance,

  1. Wholesale inventory management
  2. Managing price-lists
  3. Sales report managing
  4. Shipping management
  5. Purchase order management
  6. Backorder management 
  7. CRM inventory management
  8. First in first out process
  9. Easy account management


The list of features will help you realize why TradeGecko is called the best WooCommerce inventory management plugin. 

Summing all the features up, integrate your online shop with TradeGecko and enhance the efficiency of your business. 

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