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The success of a coffee shop depends on several factors. First of all the quality of beverages you are serving, your attitude towards customers and location. One more important factor that serves as a crucial one is the digital presence of a coffee shop.

Running a coffee shop is certainly not an easy task as there is fierce competition. You always need to find a way to remain ahead in the game. Therefore it is important for you to come with new ideas to promote your coffee shop. Since you are selling a commodity and not any proprietary technology therefore you have to use every trick in the book to stand out against your competitors.

There are many unique and important ways by which you can make your coffee shop look attractive. Creating an environment that is homely is crucial enough to retain the loyalty of customers. Things like the Wi-Fi connection are very mandatory since most of your customers are far more interested in things that are happening in their social media feed rather than just drinking your coffee. Secondly, install ample number of power sockets since people come to your shop to drink coffee and the availability of charging options will certainly convince and satisfy them even more.

A steady supply of magazines and a great flow of music is what keeps the customers hooked.

Steps to promote your coffee shop

  • Host events- One of the major ways to make your shop noticeable is by hosting events. It is a great way to create awareness and increase the number of customers. Host events like poetry reading, book signing, music launch or other artsy events. When you host interesting events people usually look up to your shop as a happening place and would often like to hang out with their friends and loved ones.
  • Put out signs on the pavement- Marketers have especially stated that pavement signs are a surefire way to attract customers into your shop. It is one of the basic and very effective marketing stunts. Therefore what you require is a shop front and an interior decor which will grab the attention of your customer.
  • Install trendy and popular coffee machines and equipment- Now this might sound a bit expensive but installing trendy coffee machines such as the La Marzocco Sydney can create a classy impression on your customers. In economic terms this is known as the snob effect which means customers would relate your shop with dignity and class.
  • Invite food bloggers and influencers- One more way you can create awareness is influencer marketing. This indeed is a very powerful way to create promotions of your brands or shops. What you can do is host an existing coffee event where food bloggers and enthusiasts would come over to your shop and share their recipes.

La Marzocco Sydney is an Italian company that specializes in the manufacture of high end espresso coffee equipment and machines. The company was founded by Bruno and Giuseppe Bambi in the year of 1972 in the Italian city of Florence. Throughout the 20th century La Marzocco Sydney introduced a range of technology and improved ergonomics as coffee consumption in Italy was increasing. The first espresso machine was patented by La Marzocco in 1939 with a horizontal potboiler. 1947 onwards La Marzocco started manufacturing its own models after the leverage machines had been introduced.

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