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Alaska is a state situated in the extreme northwest of the United States West Coast. It borders the Canadian province of British Columbia as well as the territory of Yukon to the east. Alaska is the entry point of North America by way of the Bering land bridge. Alaska was first occupied by the Russians as the non-native people of the state. The Russians arrived at Alaska at the beginning of the 18th century and started settling there.

Alaska is particularly a big state and therefore has many things to offer to its tourists and travelers. Alaska is such a huge and vast place that its vastness overwhelms the small cities and towns in the state. The natural beauty of the place can be explored while paddling, fishing, and hiking in its great and fiery outdoors. Alaska has some of the largest tourist attraction spots. Some of the finest national parks of the United States of America are located in the region of Alaska.

Alaska is also home to Seward which is a great spot for tourists. Seward boasts of being the fourth largest city in Kenai Peninsula borough. Seward is named after the former US Secretary of State, William H. Seward. William H Seward was the pioneer behind the orchestration of the purchase of Alaska from the empire of Russia. In Seward, there are great facilities for tourists to spend their holidays. You will get a number of cabins for rent in Seward. Seward happens to be the southern terminus of the Alaska Railroad. It is said that in Seward the sea meets the mountains. The town has something to offer for everyone from scintillating blue seas, incredible and slender mountains to the quaint restaurants. It is a home rule incorporated city in Alaska. As per the 2010 census reports the town has a population of 2693 people. Seward has a total area of 21.5 square miles according to the United States Census Bureau. The northern city limits are demarcated by the Resurrection River’s lower reaches.

Seward is basically located over the Resurrection Bay. The location of the Resurrection Bay is 650 feet above the level of the sea. The popularity of the Resurrection Bay lies in the fact that it is the gateway of the Kenai Fjords, angler trips as well as kayak tours.

Top tourist spots in Alaska

Following are some of the best tourist attraction spots in Alaska:

  • Denali National Park- The Denali National Park is situated on the northern side of the Alaskan range. It encompasses the highest mountains in North America and is the largest in the United States of America. The park is located right in between Fairbanks and Anchorage and is home to wolves, reindeers, grizzly bears, and elks. When you visit the park you will be able to witness at least 167 species of birds.
  • Tracy Arm Fjord- Located on the south of Juneau Tracy arm is an extremely famous fjord edged with glaciers and for boat and cruise ship tours. The beautiful scenic settings include waterfall tumbling down the glacier calves and sharp rock walls. While being on this tour wildlife sighting is quite common.
  • The Kenai Fjords National Park- Located right at the edge of the Kenai Peninsula the Kenai Fjords National Park happens to be a brilliant experience for the visitors from far and near as it displays 40 glaciers. The park has pristine lush forests, bears, and beautiful whales. If you are an avid explorer then you can explore the beauty of the park by navigating the fjord’s water on a boat tour or you can also hike through a glacier.
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center- There was a time when Alaska was home to 11 major cultural groups who were the original inhabitants of this place. Visit this heritage center and you will get to know more about their lives.

Alaska and Seward both are amazing places with fine cabins for rent in Seward.

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