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Environmental project management refers to the techniques one employs to manage the different elements of the environment. These elements may include air, water and land. It also includes the management of living organisms. One should understand that this term has a different meaning from ‘Green Project management. The Green Project Management mainly focuses on saving the elements of the environment from deterioration. On the other hand, environmental project management focuses on improving the quality of these elements.

These projects are of utter importance for today’s world. Considering the number of damage humans have caused to the environment, these types of projects are the only ray of hope for an improved environment. They take into consideration all elements of the environment. Also, it tries to improve the qualities of the environment.

Importance of this form of management

The world has seen an excessive deterioration of environmental elements. Most of this deterioration is because of human activities. The industries are increasing every day. So is pollution. One can easily compare the decrease in the level of forest cover in recent times. Not only this, human activities have posed danger to the environment in several ways. As a result, the earth is now warmer than ever before. Also, the air is more polluted than ever before. Similarly, the water carries more pollutants than ever before.

Thus, there arises a need for the management of human activities. This means that humans need to take care of the activities that they undertake. This can be achieved by designing every project in a planned manner. These projects should always keep the environmental factor into consideration. This calls for Environmental Project Management. Such management helps ensure that the projects do not harm the environment. Further, it should make sure that the quality of the environment improves with time.

Purpose of these projects

It is important to understand the purpose of such management plans. The quality of different elements of the environment is degrading fast. This is because human beings carry developmental projects at the cost of degrading the environment. Such degradation has reached an alarming level. If the same continues, the world will become inhabitable. In such a situation, all these developmental activities will be of no use.

Thus, to improve the quality of the environment, humans need to carry on dedicated projects. Now, it is no more sufficient to carry projects which would simply not harm the environment. The need of the hour has changed. Now, humans need to carry such projects which would improve the quality of the environment. Only then, one can ensure a safer future.

Scope of these projects

These projects consider several important points. It gives importance to groundwater management and global warming. It also emphasizes greenhouse gas emissions and oil spills. 

These projects also face various challenges. It involves the challenge of including an environmental impact perspective into the strategy of the project. Measuring the social impact of these projects is also a challenge. Further, analyzing the cost of the project with the benefits it would bring is difficult. These projects try to address these issues for all sectors.

The methodology involved in such Management

 It defines the methods, processes and workflows one should employ to achieve an objective. Here, one should understand that each project involves a different methodology. This is because each project has a different requirement. Also, the different projects will have to interact with different elements of the organization. Thus, the methodology for each project should also differ.

For example, a project which will be performed on a sea beach will mainly encounter water elements. Thus, the methodology will be designed in a manner that tries to improve the quality of water. On the other hand, if the project is focusing on land, its methodology will change accordingly.

 Do these projects promise an improved environment

Carrying these projects does promise an improved quality of the environment. However, it is important that these projects are carried with utter dedication. This means that merely carrying a project for the sake of fulfilling legal compliance is not sufficient. One needs to design these projects in a manner that ensures maximum contribution towards environmental development. The companies need to give their best. Only then the desired results can be achieved.

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