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Since the advent of laser marking machines, Green laser marker is the result of continuous as well as the application of most advanced technologies. Although several other laser marking machines are extant in the market, the necessity for more sophisticated and versatile markers becomes reluctant. In this context, this marker is indeed a perfect fit for the desired outcomes ensuring precision, high- end productivity and improved flawless results. The cost-friendly nature of this machine makes it reasonable for smaller production houses also.

Characteristics features

Laser trace software is provided as standard with each marking laser that empowers to mark files by only a few clicks. This is enriched with enormous application experience consisting of all functions required for identification as well as trace-ability.

A. This printer uses 532 nm wavelength and green laser technology that offers ultra-fine laser and soft marking.

B. It also marks materials ranging from diverse plastics reflective metals

C. Materials that react less or none with infrared wavelengths are also marked without altering their properties.

D. Soon after the sending of files to the control unit, this machine takes over autonomously.

E. This lightweight machine (approximately 19.8 kg) makes it convenient for moving and transportation.

F. Multilingual functioning and easy to customize feature of this machine makes it more effective.

G. The machine comes with dual protection to avoid scratches and deposits and its all-aluminum body protects from shocks.

H. The simple and smart operating method of this machine makes it even more convenient to use.


Different types of marks can be done by Green laser marker on several materials with accuracy, flawlessness, and speed. It marks the data matrix on the surface of printed circuits, plastic connectors, and electric components. It is also used to engrave plastic parts, small characters on wires and QR codes on devices used for medical practices.

A. Ideal for marking sensitive components and soft materials

B. Used to mark detailed logos and minute two-dimensional data matrix codes

C. Also used to mark engrave raw plastic and trans-lucid, reflective materials such as gold, copper, silver, etc.

Laser markers are not only used for making products more attractive but also help in providing information on products for different purposes. Many companies have have been producing laser marking machines for more than a hundred years of experience and Green laser markerĀ is one of the best machines introduced ever. With profound market research and enormous marketing experience, their engineers came up with compact and integrated products like this that ensure accurate, fast and durable printing on different products. They also ensure the longevity of the product and provides in the lowest price possible without compromising with quality. Further post-purchase assistance is also met by professionals of these organizations that meets client satisfaction.

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