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Believe it or not, but sometimes, amateur players and even the professional ones tend to ignore the minute details of the table when buying an outdoor table tennis table in Australia and eventually end up getting a shoddy product. So, in this post, we’d be talking about some of the important aspects of a table tennis table such as the table surface, the build quality, the locking mechanism, and even the height of the table – everything that directly or indirectly affects the gameplay. So, let’s begin!

How does table tennis table manufacturing matter?

  • The playing surface: If you are new to the game, you might not know, but most table tennis tables have a wooden playing surface. While it’s great for professionals and even those who occasionally dabble in the sport for some fun, such a table is not suited for outdoor usage. If you buy a wooden outdoor table tennis table in Australia, it wouldn’t be able to handle the humidity, moisture, and extreme weather conditions outside. This is why more and more boards these days are coming with aluminium playing surfaces. Such boards include a wooden core packed inside an aluminium shell. This makes the board completely weatherproof and resistant to warping under harsh weather conditions.
  • Frame, under-carriage, or chassis: It is pretty obvious that the frame under the table tennis table is a critical component and pretty much determines the durability of the table. Most ordinary table tennis tables or the cheap ones use aluminium or galvanized tubing which isn’t a very practical solution for building the chassis of the table. Because of this, such tables become wobbly over time as they cannot handle extended usage or wear and tear. On the other hand, quality table tennis tables have steel tubing, which gives them a stable footing.
  • Playback feature: You might not know this, but a lot of the full-size table tennis tables allow people to fold them up on one side and practice solo. This comes in handy when someone wants to practice on their own, slowly honing his or her skills. However, if you want a similar table, try to avoid the types where there’s a wide gap between the net and the folded side during playback, as you’d always run the risk of losing the ball through the gap.
  • Locking mechanism: Clearly, a robust and high-quality table tennis table can be easily differentiated from other cheap alternatives in the way they incorporate the locking system. As the name implies, the locking system prevents the table from accidental opening or closing when it’s folded up, thereby locking the table in position. This makes sure, that the table doesn’t wobble when you are practicing or it doesn’t fall and injure someone, or your fingers don’t get jammed in between the two surfaces.
  • Assembly: Almost all table tennis tables require some level of assembly. This is also true for any outdoor table tennis table in Australia that you plan on getting for yourself. That said, different tables have different assembly mechanisms, so take some time out and go through the instructions to find out how it needs to be set up and the tools you’d be needing for it. Also, find out if you’d be needing anything extra for setting it up and whether you’d have to call an expert for the same.
  • Net and post systems: In most cases, table tennis boards come with a mostly ordinary net system, however, when it comes to high-quality tables or the premium ones, the tables incorporate a post system that’s hooked to the table’s frame in such a way that the net is always deployed irrespective of whether the table is folded or not. This makes such table tennis tables ready to play almost anytime and at a moment’s notice.

How to find out if your table tennis table is any good?

Outdoor table tennis tables come in different sizes and different qualities. In fact, the price of the tables depends on the build quality and the features it includes. Check if the legs are sturdy and are made from good quality materials. The best ones have steel tubing, as has been mentioned above. While the reliable ones these days come with aluminium coating, sometimes the wooden tables too come with a waterproof or laminate coating to make them more durable. If you are a professional player, we’d recommend getting a quality table from a professional platform online. That way, you’d get the best tables with a good bounce at competitive rates.

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